Relaunching this Blog

I have decided to relaunch this blog in an attempt to use it more. I will now try to every week voice my opinion on a topic chosen by you, the readers,which you can leave your suggestions in the comments. I will also now no longer have this blog be bilingual, so sorry to those of you who read German. Next weekend, Saturday or Sunday, you should see a new post. So please suggest a topic, and if I don’t receive any comments I’ll write about one I think of.

11 thoughts on “Relaunching this Blog

  1. Good luck.
    I hope you find your voice. Write from your heart.
    Mr. Hodgson
    Sixth grade teacher
    Southampton, Massachusetts

  2. Well Done.

    It’s great that you are relaunching your blog!
    I hope you have lots of fun writing it an I can’t wait to hear more about you and your thoughts.

    Good Luck,

    Mrs Griffiths
    Primary Teacher

  3. Glad you are relaunching your blog! I heard about it from Mrs. White, whom I think is awesome! I would like to suggest the topic of homework. What are your thoughts and how do you think it prepares you for life in the future?

    TJ Shay
    Music and computer teacher in Iowa

  4. You are braver than me. I still haven’t taken the leap. I have a list of potential topics I think may be interesting to others or that I could write about, but just can’t get the courage to write that first one. As for a topic, I would like to hear a student’s perspective on how to prepare kids for Middle School. Your experiences and suggestions could be very helpful to those fifth graders getting ready to move to new buildings and adjust to a number of different things: schedules, teams, lunch, moving from class to class, changes in friends and peer groups, using lockers and remembering their combinations. I know they can be scared, anxious, and excited. Can’t wait to check back and see what your topic will be. Congratulations on making the commitment to relaunch your blog.

  5. So glad to hear you are returning to your blog!

    I have a request. I am doing an Earth Day webcast with my 7th grade students on April 20th. Would you like to contribute a blog post that we could read live (or you could record with your own voice, maybe a voicethread)? Any topic revolving around the environment, Earth Day, etc.

    We will webcast at Let Ms. White know if you are interested and she can get in touch with me on twitter @sheila_a.

    Good luck!

  6. Hello from Korea and Korea International School! Congratulations on re-launching your blog. I hope you enjoy posting and find your own unique writer’s voice.
    TS Bray

  7. It is great that you are relaunching your blog. Maybe you would be willing to share what the use of technology in the classroom means to a 7th grader. You have taken the first step in finding your voice. Keep writing to let your voice be heard and growing out beyond the walls of your classroom.

    Library/Technology Teacher
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  8. Hi, Nicolas!

    If you still use your wiki, you could make a page there to use as a writer’s notebook to gather and organize topics and ideas. That way, if you don’t have an idea that strikes you from readers, you have another source. Another idea is to collect 3-5 ideas and create a poll where readers can vote. That way, if a reader doesn’t have an idea of their own, they can still participate. Try it! :)

  9. Hi Dr. Clinton,

    I will keep a list of topics, and I’ll think about your poll idea. It might be something I’ll add I’m the future, but for now I’ll just look for suggestions or take topics off my list.

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